Forty years has passed and 'Europe' now refers to vast swathes of the Earth: a unified super-state that has just enacted a successful space mission, landing people on Jupiter's Moon and spurring the people at home to look at their lives and what they've made of the world.

Global warming ravages the planet, where shrunken coasts endure huge tidal attacks while inland ideological wars continue. Technology has advanced to the point where androids assist with menial work - but are conscious enough to be baffled by humanity's weaknesses. So much is different but very little has changed.

Told through a network of relatives, lovers, friends, a president (and those sent to assassinate him), Super-State looks to the future while exploring the most timeless human challenges with huge wit and precision. A satire skewering best intentions and cynicism alike, written at the start of the new Millennium by the master of British Science Fiction.

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Author: Brian Aldiss - more
ISBN: 9780007482528
Category: Dystopian - more
Pages: 240
Binding: Paperback

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