She thought it was just another job. But her discovery could bring the city to its knees...

In the city of Tevanne, you either have everything, or nothing.

For escaped slave Sancia Grado, eking out a precarious living in the hellhole known as the Commons, nothing is just one misstep away. So when she is offered a lucrative job to steal an ancient artefact from a heavily guarded warehouse, she leaps at the chance. But instead of a way out of Tevanne, she finds herself the target of a murderous conspiracy.

Someone powerful wants the artefact, and Sancia dead. To survive, Sancia will need every ally and every ounce of wits at her disposal - because if her unknown enemy unlocks the artefact's secrets, the world - and reality - will never be the same.

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Author: Robert Jackson Bennett - more
ISBN: 9781786487858
Category: Epic Fantasy - more
Pages: 512
Binding: Paperback

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