Burning Ashes


The Lore is over.

For Ben Garston, the fight is just beginning. The uneasy truce between the human and the mythical world has shattered.

Betrayed by his oldest friend, with a tragic death on his hands, there isn't enough whiskey in England to wash away the taste of Ben's guilt. But for a one-time guardian dragon, there's no time to sit and sulk in the ruins. Because the Long Sleep has come undone.

Slowly but surely, Remnants are stirring under the earth, unleashing chaos and terror on an unsuspecting modern world. Worse still, the Fay are returning, travelling across the gulfs of the nether to bring a final reckoning to Remnants and humans alike. A war is coming.

A war to end all wars. And only Ben Garston stands in the way...

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